Sunday, July 07, 2013


I just discovered Google Keep, and with it have rediscovered the joy of lists. Not that there's anything special about this app over other list making apps, but it's awakened the slumbering listing giant in me. Suddenly, I'm making lists for everything: job lists, daily lists, weekly lists, moving lists, even bucket lists.

I'm transformed. Once a lazy man, doing nothing; with this onslaught of to-dos, I will never forget all the nothing I will do. It's a way to quantify laziness. Should Dad or future me ever grab me by the collar, confronting lazy me over sloth, lazy me can turn over this Google Keep account as Exhibit A for the prosecution. Which could in turn become evidence for the defense. "I can't be lazy! Look at all these lists I've compiled!" Let the prosecution commence smacking itself in the face. (Don't beat yourself up future me, you're not the first prosecution to bring evidence by the defense and for the defense. Can we say Zimmerman trial...?)

Speaking of which, I've got a new list to compile--all the reasons the Zimmerman trial will end in a lose-lose.
Google Keep, here I come...

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