Friday, October 12, 2007

They are coming for me

Finally, another update.

The Midterms are coming! The Midterms are coming!

I need to get with the program. Life is good. I call Mom and Dad every
day. My thoughts have no flow.

We had a blood drive this week. I went last night to donate, but was
turned away due to the time that my family spent in Italy and other parts
of Europe. When the lady apologized as she informed me that I could not
donate, I put on a sad face a quietly rejoiced on my way out. I had
genuinely wanted to donate but that big needle going into that vulnerable
spot on my arm-- I was more scared than I had thought possible. I did
stay behind to support my friends who were donating.

I have to run two miles in twelve minutes on Monday for my physical
fitness class. My current time is fifteen minutes. I'm going to have to
pray myself through Monday's run. God has definitely been guiding me,
pushing me, and holding me through these days. And, I love my mom and

Fine Arts is tomorrow. Fine Arts is a regular formal music event here at
PCC. The Sao Paulo Youth Orchestra is performing this time.

I must go now and eat dinner, after which it is imperative that I welcome
the weekend with some recreation.

By the way, I do get your comments on here emailed to me.