Friday, July 26, 2013

Home Renovations: Day 1

Things I've learned from day one of house renovations:
A. Get all the help you can get. Beg.
B. 20 minutes--how long it takes to pry up the linoleum tiles in my kitchen.
C. My neighbor has a creepy cat with a watchful eye. The cat's other eye ain't watching nothing--if you get my meaning. Edgar Allen Poe would freak.
D. Ownership changes a person. When it comes to physical labor, I'm a minimalist. Not today.
E. The more junk and crap I find in the house, the more I try to decipher the story behind it. Hmm... what's this unmovable speck on this wall? How is a mouse  fossilizing on this trap? What made these walls cry tears of grease?
F.  Previous owners can be your worst enemies. They should have their own negative acronym: PO
G.Crap you paint over is still crap. (Actually, I already knew that. I just included it here in case the PO happens to read this. Yeah, PO, that grease bubble you painted over turned into a wall zit. I popped it.)

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