Wednesday, April 12, 2006


So, it's past time for an update. Well, here's a photo blog.

The Oklahoma capitol dome

Me, Victoria, and Preston. Victoria is Preston's sister, she's four.
Preston works with Character First! Education. Victoria was here with her mom for awhile.
I'ts nice to have little kids around. There a lot of fun.

The 4th floor rotunda. It's rarely this empty.
Yours Truly after a hot day of work.

My messy bed (just thought you'd want to see it).

Fortunately, there's two beds in my room. Unfortunately, I don't have a roommate.
So, yeah, this is my bed. I even washed the sheets recently. Kudos to me!
(Do you like my Easter bunny?)

And finally, Me at the office. I'm sitting in Rep. Jett's chair and working at his desk.

I do need prayer. That's all I'll say. I know you all are praying for me. Thanks.